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Bronze Buddha Statue Casting Process and Ancient

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Actively explore effective ways of "five materials" of straw. In 2018, the city\\\'s straw fertilizer utilization amounted to 600,000 tons and was used as livestock ...

Air Purifiers (Air Purifiers) is a product line that will be developed in the second half of this year under the first-class category of home appliances of international foreign trade companies. Because this product line has not been created for a long time, the number of online products is small, and the competition pressure on the XX platform is less. Easy access to this market.

Air purifiers were once considered luxury. However, due to increased levels of outdoor and indoor pollution and increasing attention to health issues related to air pollution, air purifiers have become necessary. According to market data, the global air purifier market size will be USD 8.07 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate estimated to be 15.7% from 2021 to 2025.

Air purifier outlet

According to market data, residential air purifiers will account for about 18% in 2020. However, as urbanization processes continue to accelerate in various countries, environmental pollution problems are becoming increasingly serious. Therefore, residential air purifiers are expected to be the fastest growing application field. one. In addition, increased consumer health awareness globally will drive demand for products.

1. National Distribution of Air Purifiers

Due to the high purchasing power of consumers and increased personal awareness of various airborne diseases, the European air purifier market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% over the forecast period, and is expected to increase the penetration rate of air purifiers in the future. .

The countries that sell air purifiers on the XX platform are mainly the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, of which the United States accounts for 60%, which is the main target market.

2. Air Purifiers Price / Packaging

On the XX platform, the air purifier is a new development product line. Buyers mainly buy 1-5pieces in the early stage of purchase, and the average unit price is about $ 30.9. It is recommended that sellers set the MOQ to mainly 1-10pieces. Buyer demand should also guide buyers to increase the order quantity, impacting orders above $ 350.

3, Air Purifiers (air purifier) market selling brand

At present, the hot-selling air purifier brands in the market are Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, Yadu, Honeywell, Midea, Brujal, Dyson, Daikin and Xiaomi.

4. Recruitment products for air purifier category

1) Small desktop air purifier


1) Effective filtering to remove dust, HEPA net, adsorb PM2.5 / pollen

2) Activated carbon adsorbs formaldehyde / benzene / TVOC, and catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde by cold catalyst

3) Nano-silver ions, fresh air with negative ion group

Recruitment products for air purifier category

2) Car air purifier


1, oblique angle to replenish water, breaking the conventional straight out of the fog; compact and portable, office cars can be used;

2, two modes of continuous humidification and intermittent humidification; 320ml large capacity, longer lasting humidification;